welcome to my Blog dealing with the Raspberry Pi. First of all, I want to tell you what the Rapsberry Pi actually is. It is a credit card seized barebone computer. Looking basically like that: 

It has the seize of a credit card, and is as powerful as a desktop pc. How is that possible? The circuit board includes a all in one chip, featuring a 700mhz cpu, a gpu and about 256 mb of ram. To connect the device to other hardware, there are:

  • two USB 2.0 e.g. for a mice and keyboard
  • one ethernet plug for network access or internet
  • an rca socket for old TVs (composite)
 ........and  a HDMI and 3,5mm audio socket. The full and more detailed list is here

It is powered by a common micro usb port (the same as most smartphone use) and a SD card is vital to install os and packages on is. The OS is current a special Linux distro, whose functions will be explained in my second post.

Do not forget to check the offical website
where you can also view purchasing options.